Terms & Conditions

Terms used:
Us”, “We” or “Our” means wooftas.com  the name of the business. 
Guest(s)” are each dog we have in our care, or receiving any service we provide.  
“Client(s)” are the person(s) paying for the service, usually the dog owner.

Microchips: Legislation will mean that it is compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped.  With this in mind, We will only accept dogs that have been microchipped.  If your dog has not yet been microchipped,  We can arrange this for you for a small fee.

Health Condition:  All Guests in Our care must be in general good health and be fully vaccinated and up-to-date.  All Guests must be free from fleas, ticks, parasites. 

Emergencies:  In the very unlikely event of an emergency, We will contact you on the number(s) you provided, as soon as possible to discuss the situation and agree a course of action. If we are unable to contact you and veterinary attention is necessary, We will take your dog to your preferred veterinary practice or if it is a life threatening situation, we will take your dog to the closest veterinary practice.  Owners are responsible for the payment of any veterinary fees.
Whilst we will take every precaution to fully care for and protect your dog we cannot be held responsible and will accept no liability for any illness, injury or death.

Behaviour:  You must disclose any behavioural or health problems which may make the dog unsuitable for walking/boarding, including antisocial behaviour or aggression, during the initial consultation. If your dog becomes aggressive at anytime and injures another animal you will be responsible for any third party vet bills/expenses. We do have the duty at this point to share your contact details with the third party. Failure to disclose any matter which might render the dog unsuitable for dog walking/boarding will be deemed a fundamental breach of our agreement. 

Dangerous Dogs:  We will not handle any of the dogs identified as being a Dangerous Breed according to the Dangerous Dogs Act. This law applies to all dog owners no matter what size or breed.  A dog doesn't have to bite to be deemed dangerous in the eyes of the law.   It is extremely important that you disclose any difficult behaviours with us regardless of how insignificant you may feel they are. If your dog becomes aggressive or attacks a person or other animal it will be immediately caged and returned to you.  It is a legal requirement to ensure that your dog is wearing a tag on its collar that displays your name and address. You can be fined up to £5000 for not having an ID tag on your dog.

Walkies:  All dogs will remain on a lead unless We are confident that the dog will respond to recall every time and that written permission has been received from you.  As recommended by the PADW, and dictated by Our Insurance underwriters, no more than 6 dogs will be walked together by one handler.   Although in most cases it is likely that a max of 4 will be walked together, depending on the size and nature of the Guests. Walks will last for 1 hour and does not include travel time. We reserve the right to adjust the walking time should we deem this necessary for the health and safety of your dog, considering such things as weather, health conditions, age of dog etc.  You must give at least 24 hours notice if you do not require your dog to be walked as scheduled or it will still be chargeable at the full rate.

Privacy & Security:  All keys, personal information and dogs will be kept in a secure place, with keys being locked separately so no information is available along with keys.  No information regarding the Client or Guest will be released to anyone outside of Wooftas or any 3rd party companies with the exception of insurance or veterinary practices and only where absolutely necessary. We respect the privacy and safety of all Our Clients and Our Guests, on house calls we will be discreet to ensure the absence of the owner is not disclosed.

Data Protection:  We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential  except where disclosure is request or consented by you or where we are required by law to do so. We will use your information only for the purposes of administration.  We will not keep your personal information for longer than is necessary for our purposes.

Payments and Charges: All payments for services are to be made in advance in cash or bank transfer, if you would like to pay by cheque this must be cleared before any service is provided. Cheques are to be made payable to  S Simpson.  Any returned/late cheques or payments will incur a charge of £15 administration fee.
If your booking is subject to date change we will endeavour to reschedule wherever possible, subject to availability of service.We reserve the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions without notice. We reserve the right to terminate/decline any booking for any reason.