Is it compulsary to microchip my dog?

From 6 April 2016 it became a requirement of The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 that all dogs are microchipped


  • Permanent identification of dogs through microchipping has many benefits. So many dogs have already been reunited after becoming lost as a result of being microchipped. It can help tackle puppy farming too, and encourage responsible ownership. In pedigree dogs it facilitates the reporting of hereditary health problems.
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  • According to figures released by DEFRA – 102,000 stray dogs in England are taken into the care of local authorities every year, resulting in an overall cost of £9.7m to the taxpayer. Of these, over half are reunited with their owners. Local authorities are permitted to rehome or destroy every dog whose owner cannot be traced after seven days.

    DEFRA claims that 27,500 stray, non-microchipped dogs are rehomed every year but an unfortunate 8,000 strays are not so lucky and are subsequently put to sleep. This means we are putting to sleep 22 dogs every day.

    Microchipping not only helps to reunite lost pets but also helps crack down on vicious or illegal dogs, unscrupulous breeders and the theft of our pets.


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Pet Identity UK gives your pet the best chance of returning home safely.

With Pet Identity UK microchipping, you have peace of mind that if your pet gets lost then it has a much better chance of returning home safely. All pets that are chipped are stored on the national L.E.A.D database. If reported lost, Pet Identity UK can alert the local wardens and petcare institutions with a unique id number to contact us when your pet is located.


"Register Your Pet For Life". Visit their website for more details of the benefits you can enjoy when you register your pet's microchip with Pet Identity UK.


Pet Identity UK says "Our aim is to give you peace of mind. In the event that your pet goes missing, not only will we alert local dog wardens, vets and animal welfare services within a 10 mile radius of your lost pet, but we will monitor the search operation to give your pet the best chance of returning home safely."


You will also be able to share important information by uploading recent photos that they can post through their website and their Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition you can use their website to print off missing alert posters that you can distribute around your neighbourhood to help raise awareness of your missing pet.


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